10 Reasons to Move to St. John, Indiana

Indian is a state that has many great places that you can call home. Some people want the bright lights and sounds of the city and move to Indianapolis or another major area. Some people like the peace and quaintness that comes from small towns. For those people, St. John is the perfect place to call home. Read below to learn 10 reasons to make St. John your new hometown!

1.    You can find an assortment of affordably priced house rentals st. john in to call your own.

2.    Prefer to buy a home? You can afford to live the American dream when you buy a house in this town.

3.    Friendly neighbors are not a thing of the past but they certainly aren’t everywhere. That isn’t a worry when you are a St. John resident. Everyone knows your name in St. John.

4.    Schools in the area are among the best in the state. If you want your child to receive a valued education you will appreciate St. John and all that it has to offer.

5.    The weather is great.

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6.    You can find tons of things to do.  If you love nature and the great outdoors, there is even more reason to smile when you reside in St. John.

7.    Tons of great restaurants are in St. John. You will find the usual fare but then there are family restaurants and local eateries that you don’t want to miss.

8.    Low costs of living bring many people to the area to live.

9.    St. John is relatively close to Indianapolis and Chicago so when you need a dose of the city, it’s always within driving distance.

10.  You can live the life that you want to live in St. John without the worry of crime and other headaches coming in between the fun.